activities karpenisi

In nature

Karpenisi is offered for a variety of activities throughout the year like:


The area has many hiking into forests, admiring the wild natural beauty. Low and high levels of difficulty, variety of hiking depending on the time you want to spend.


Many cycle routes in the area of Karpenisi, into forest roads and nature.


Discover the hidden natural beauty of Evrytania, doing kayak into the rivers. Suitable routes for beginners and experienced kayakers.


Rafting routes for beginners and advanced fans of the sport into Tavropo and Trikerioti Rivers. There are many specialized schools of rafting in the area of Karpenisi, providing you professional escorts and equipment.

Horseback riding

Enjoy horse riding, getting closer to nature, in specially designed park or trails along the banks of Karpenisiotis River, with the help of trainers and escorts.


Specially designed areas with instructors, providing you with equipment.


There is a paragliding club or parapente in Karpenisi, for the more adventurous fans of extreme sports.

Don’t miss!

                                                                                  The excursion to the gorge “Panta Vrexei” (always raining)

Between the villages Roska and Doliana. Its random name has to do with the fact that in many places of gorge it rains all the time because of the high of waterfalls and of the water pressure. There are different routes to follow, admiring the nature.

The excursion to the gorgeBlack Cave

With historical importance in the period of Turkish, the “Black Cave” abstain from Prouso village 2 km. A landscape full of wild natural beauty, with a variety of trees, wooden bridges and waterfalls. Easy routes suitable for beginners.



Ski Center of Karpenisi – Ski /Snowboard

Velouchi Ski Center on slopes of Velouchi Mount is just 10 km from Karpenisi town. It has 18 slopes for beginners and advanced fans of skiing, 4 free routes and organized snowboard runs. In the ski resort facilities there is a chalet overlooking the snow-white slopes. Possibility for rental and purchase of ski equipment.





Athletic Center of Karpenisi

One of the best sports centers in Europe that can host numerous sporting events. It features 2 football fields with lawn, throwing a 128m course, also with turf grass, 9 playgrounds and a natural ring road 2km appropriate for jogging or walking.




Religious monuments

                                                                                  Prousos Monastery

It is spiritual and pilgrimage center of the entire region. It is built in an impressive landscape, a steep, rocky area. The Prousos Monastery is dedicated to Virgin Mary and celebrates on August 23 (the Performance of the Assumption). A museum is operated in the area of the monastery.


Domianoi Monastery

The monastery is located in Domianoi village which was named by the abbot of the monastery, Damiano. Part of the monastery is the church of Panagia Domianitissas dedicated to the Assumption and celebrated on 15 of August. The church of Panagia is built in 1779 – 1787.


                                                                                  Vraha Monastery

Vraha Monastery, with remarkable frescoes, is dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Savior. The monastery was a shelter of fighters of the Revolution of 1821. Murals, a small bell of the monastery (1585), manuscripts and other evaluated relics dated from the 16th century, they indicate probable date of establishment of the Monastery around 1600.


Church of the Holy Trinity

Located in the center of Karpenisi and built in the second half of the 16th century. Eugene Giannoulis Aitolos transformed the chapel into a magnificent temple.


                                                                                  Tatarna Monastery

Four times has been destroyed and has been rebuilt. Yet many rare and precious relics have been rescued, including the famous mosaic “The King of Glory” (1350). In the monastery’s library, you can find printed matter, dating from 1544 and published in Vienna, Venice and other European cities.