Emitting an aura of natural bliss, the View Village features a revitalizing spa, ensuring the ultimate relaxation and pampering for all of its guests.

Guests can indulge in the harmony of the Spa and release all tension as they unwind in the Hammam, enjoy the benefits of a Chromotherapy and letting go into the one of the most invigorating Spa therapies, the Hydrotherapy with waterfall. Massage treatments with our specialized therapists will rejuvenate your body and mind .

Anything you could wished for an indulging, refreshing escape you will find it in The View Village!

Choose the treatment that suits you!!


Rejuvance  DURATION: 50′ / PRICE: 50€

Renewal, rejuvenation. Treating pains on shoulders, head, neck and face discomfort. Boosts your nervous system and refreshes the skin. Stress and tension melt away.

Relaxing face massage  DURATION: 20’/ PRICE: 25€
This type of treatment releases the muscles of face, reduces the strain of nervous system, activates the lymphatic circulation, resulting the elimination of toxins.  Expression lines become softer, skin is refreshed.

Face Hydration  DURATION: 50’/ PRICE: 35€
Restores moisture, rejuvenates, nourishing deeply the skin. A firming treatment that calms and relieves immediately, improving the quality and appearance of the skin.

Cosmetic Application  PRICE: 50€
Professional make up sessions.


Massage improves body and psychological health, while increasing circulation, relieving muscle tension and promoting relaxation. Our therapist adapt their technique to suit your personal needs.

Relaxing massage  DURATION: 50’/ PRICE: 50€
Helps local blood circulation and metabolism, eliminating toxins. Releasing from aches and pains, improving muscles elasticity and calming nervous system. Relieving headaches and migraines, giving energy.

Lymphatic massage  DURATION: 50’/ PRICE: 60€
A gentle massage designed to improve the natural circulation of lymph through the body. Lymph drainage uses a specific amount of pressure and rhythmic movements to stimulate lymph flow.

Cellulite massage  DURATION: 30’/ PRICE: 35€
This massage is ideal for body sculpting and cellulite reduction, while improves blood and lymph’s circulation. Releases toxins, stimulates microcirculation and helps the body to eliminate edema, reassuring a smooth and fresh skin. Combats adipose nodules that accumulate in specific areas of the body.

Treatment with chocolate (Chocotherapy)  DURATION: 60’/ PRICE: 40€
A unique nourishing, stress-reducing body treatment that revitalize you from head to toe. This treatment is especially beneficial, as it creates a feeling of euphoria, relaxation, eliminates cellulite and stress. Chocolate leaves your skin smooth, replenished and very hydrated.

Color Light Therapy (Chromotherapy)  DURATION: 10’/ PRICE: 7€
Α complementary treatment, which helps people fill in the energy losses incurred due to the intense way of life. Personalized treatment, tailor made color selection according to your own energy needs.

Hydrotherapy  DURATION: unlimited time/ PRICE: 8€
With waterfall (heated pool). Provides an extra feeling of relaxation after a pleasant massage treatment, offering serenity and well-being.

Bath  DURATION: 15’/ PRICE: 8€
A perfect relaxation. The heat opens the pores so the dead cells are removed. The skin becoming smoother and softer. Suitable for people suffering from insomnia, muscle stiffness and dry skin.


Refreshing drinks are offered in the Spa area!

Working hours: 16:00 – 20:00

Upon request

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